How do I find help,

Without time for myself?

People are under vast amounts of stress, in who knows what particular areas… it’s all personal, contingent upon so much.

Those that need help, have to find methods that work well for them, and then be consistent and also make time for it. Who has time for it? Without someone else to reach in and help? Not everyone, not I, can find the time I need to help really find and work toward good well-rounded health again.

Then there is the constant things in one’s life, that also contribute to the stressors. That exaggerate and intensify them.

People that need mental and emotional emergency help, or need rooted out from their current health crises, can not find rest or healing with a shit ton of anxiety producers still alive and well among them.

Maybe some, that’s life..but not a fucking shit ton. And a shit ton can be different for different people. Different strokes for different folks right? So many different factors….

You can’t simply start with the perceived problem(addiction, mental health issues, homelessness) and force change there alone… but also must help alleviate the pains caused and not caused by the problem.

It all feeds off one another.

The environment and atmosphere one is living in must be taken into full account as well. And quite possibly, the stressors there, be addressed first.

To leave the world around one, unhealed, untouched, is to perpetuate the problem.

It takes a village man

A mf village….

We’ve lost that…

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