Within the Abyss

Oh dark heart, what shall it take to keep you tame?

So many fresh starts, good intentions and hope filled predictions.

So many efforts and attempts to be kinder and brighter, only to plummet to your deepest descents again.

Should this be called a war within? Or better yet, a striving against?

Oh vain attempts. Vain attempts, my own contempt.

Where is this redemption? The remedy, the liberty from such hauntings..

so many unreliable fixings, for such soul deep depravities.

How shall I suffer alone, so not to bring suffering to those with which I’m close?

How shall I bare and brave the brunt of my own nightmarish carnality, in order to make sure it only stays contained in me?

The rattling of shackles, the clanging of iron bars trying to escape my cages..

The quaking of the aching..

Can all be heard, absorbed, by my prison guards, fellow prisoners and innocent bystanders alike?

Poison and pain, no potions to make one sane.

No mixing of elixir to silence and supress this thing.

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