Cause No Death(Sin)

It comes quite natural for me to let my negative feelings be known.

Bitching, complaining, moaning. Airing out why life’s unfair to me.

Placing dishes in the sink a little louder than normal to express my frustrations.

You get what I mean.

Expressing myselt so others are aware.

I’ve been trying to get better.

As I began my day today, house array as always…picking up after everyone…see there I natural it is for me to cry “unjust!”. I’m not even aware how often I do it.

I’ve asked Jesus to help me love better. Know Him better. To change me. And it’s not been going as expected.

If I would have been more aware of how He actually did teach us..then maybe.

I’m starting to get it.

His voice is so soft. Just simple. Again, just deep perspectives spoken through the mundane.

He showed me today as I was eager to vent my annoyance with a messy house and a sleeping He handles the angst.

The pain of anger, loneliness, fear, injustice.

He absorbs it.

He does not allow it to spew over and effect any other. What causes hate, anger, tension, anxiety, division(though these are sometimes legitimate things),He allows to hurt Him alone.

One aching heart and mind is enough. Why inflict others with the misery you are so distraught with?

Be anti-human. Be counter-human.

Be Christ like.

Absorb it. Take the pain to the cross and crucify it there, where it then is unable to reck another.

Be the bearer of the load. Be the scape goat…be the priest..Absorb the sin(ultimately what causes any other hurt or pain; whether a lot or not. ANY hurt, pain, stress, tension, fear).

Do not allow it to have it’s way. Carry your cross. Die daily.

We are called to self-sacrifice. To show mercy. And sometimes that looks exactly like Jesus, but in a symbolic spiritual context.

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