The Right Thing To Do?

I catch my spiritual life being a lot more simpler lately. I have always tried to complicate it. Make it managed, controlled, systematic.

But lately I find God telling me to , “just BE” anytime my mind gets to racing and I want to make Him and life more technical and doctrinal than He prob ever intended 😮.

Mainly get the heart/spirit man engaged, more than the brain. The brain tends to come off as the most carnal part for me I’m seeing.

So when I am caught in a thought process or decision..(And I actually consider thinking before I act or speak for once)..the simple question that runs through my mind is,

“What is the RIGHT thing to do?”

Now if I am not careful I will get to letting everything speak for itself: my opinion, culture, society, my pride and ego, mood, circumstance, other’s possible thoughts, opinions or reactions…

And Oh the justifying!!!!

But he..and she said…this aint right…mine…him..blame…shame..self…greed…

Justifying why they don’t

BUT! If you have ears to hear! There is this first “voice”. The best way I can use words to describe it would be from the heart. And it’s like you kind of internally know is THE right thing. You sense a transcends…if you listen.

But, if you are not careful..your mind starts to take over. And we are so conditioned to thinking..rationalizing…doubting..considering..breaking down shit(knowledge)..and as humans with our own self interests in mind; that I don’t even think we are as aware of that inner voice/spirit/conscience as we could be.

Anyway…there is this voice. That leads us toward the right choice.

It’s SO easy to miss, ignore. In fact I think are carnal mind is bent toward evading it. It’s the most quite, but most unable to deny..if you actually ask…

What is the RIGHT thing to do, in this situation/relationship?

P.S. It’s always self-sacrificial and puts the other in mind over self 😥😒

It all centers around what is loving.

The right thing

Not our opinion..but His. Love’s way of living.


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