Jesus and Velveeta

I made a rotel dip.

Today I was left with the remnants: rock solid, dried up, caked on cheese dip on several dishes.

Me being me, “why not just discard it”? Throw the hole dang thing away, bowl and all!

Wouldn’t be the first time.

But, I decided to be more resourceful and put them in some hot, soapy water to soak. Then maybe I could at least be able to scrub it off with some elbow grease?

And so I went to wash them. And to my surprise, it was completely gone on some and just rinsable on the rest!

Now this may come off as common sense to some of you well experienced and kitchen savy. But to my neurotic mind; it was pure joy! Jesus just turned water into wine!

Now all jokes aside, that was awesome to me (it’s the simple things); but it was the message I felt Jesus speak to me..that really mattered.

He calmly spoke to my heart:

“You see Samantha, my ways and your ways are quite different. Your methods and mine are not the same.”

What I can do to scrub away my guilt, shame and the many things I beat myself and others up over, are not sufficient.

The way I view the gunk and the grime, the seemingly impossible caked on, rock hard imperfections and the “sin” of my yesterday, are not so to Him.

For me, my faults, these things I can not seem to overcome, character defects, etc are impossible limitations.

I am a tarnished Velveeta cheesy bowl, that takes way too much effort and rough abrasive elbow grease to get clean.

I might as well be thrown away.

It is not worth the trouble.

Sadly, this is the mindset I have unconsciously lived with most of my life. I am just now being able to see it for what it is. Why it’s there and how to little by little manage it.

Now what Jesus showed me here, was taught in something so simple, yet so profound. Leave it to Jesus to teach us deep, revolutionary mind changing(repentance) perspectives with just the mundane, everyday things in real life. 😉

For Jesus, He uses other methods and means to free us and clean us. To redeem us and make us new again.

He sees it all much differently. Even the nastiest things in our lives that seem to be so paralyzing. The things we notice in our lives and other’s that aren’t the cleanest. The things we judge and define ourselves and others by.

They look and seem a lot worse to us. And they feel like they just might be too soiled to ever be clean. To rock solid to not leave a scar.

They can make us feel we are not worth the effort. We done scuffed- up our lives and Jesus, God, anyone else would think it all too much toil to work with.

Just throw us away!

Not so! Jesus says!

He sees the dish as it should be. He sees what only He can do. He has the patience, the perfect soapy, hot solution to rinse it all away.

So effortlessly

So willingly

So lovingly

We are worth cleaning

We are worth keeping

And He places us amongst His usable vessels

Knowing we will be messy again

He invests in us…

He takes good care of us.

He REALLY loves us.

Keep on believing…

Shhhhhhhh listen..He’s speaking 😀

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