Suppressing and Releasing

Suppressing emotions, moods, attitudes, feelings, assumptions, desires, cravings, thoughts, you name it; only keeps them there. It maximizes the energy of said things.

It is holding onto them. Allowing them to accumulate and build; which in turn eventually means eruption. If all is energy, these things too, are energized. They have to be released or stored. Multiplied or divided.

Suppressing energy, fighting it, resisting it, holding onto it, is only going to eventually cause issues, within and without. What is in, must come out. It is all a matter of time and circumstance.

The only other option is to release it. How does one release energy?

There are multiple ways, some may work better for others, and also may differ for whatever type of thing needs released.

Meditation, physical exertion and exercise are all good means of releasing energy. So is being in nature: allowing the wind, rain, or sounds around you to wash them away or lift them off you, in a symbolic sense. You simply go into it with the intention of this. Think of it like an act of faith that someone or something else does for you. It is all in ones belief.

Since thoughts are also energy and usually get the balls rolling, it is also important not to suppress, resist, argue with, or be drug along with them. When unwanted thoughts or even feelings come along, be aware of them, recognize them, acknowledge them; but then no longer dwell on them or allow your focus to be set on them.

With emotions particularly, just see them for what they are, a feeling, an energy; and don’t feed them with any added dialogue or thought. Do not attempt to rationalize or fight them, defend them or understand them: simply allow them to be as they are without any excess mind bending. Do not allow your mind to go along with them. Allow them to be, and they will release themselves naturally.

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