Questioning Your Answers

Do you believe it because you were told to believe it, or else? Or do you believe it because you know it to be true?

Do you believe it because someone else said they have seen it, or do you believe it through your own experience of such things?

Do you believe it out of fear and guilt, or is it a beautiful, awe inspiring, hope filled truth?

Were you told it to be so, and so you went with it? Or have you made sure your search was legitimate, not limited to what someone said were the limits?

Did you ask others from near and far, their freedom stories and how they were let loose from similar chains? Or were you told by someone else, that they alone held the secret and no one else was worth listening to?

Is it all in your head, these answers, and must you continually force yourself to hold them? Or is it so deep and real, heart and soul known, that not another “formula” could cause you to question?

When you sit still, in silence, do you listen? Do you wait for healing, for answers in whispers from beyond to fill you? Or is your mind in control? Always thinking, wondering, questioning, talking to itself, back and forth it goes, and where it stops nobody, nor you even knows?

Don’t mistake or confuse your mind for your spirit. And don’t forget the mind has been informed by everyone else’s ideas, experiences and opinions. Be aware of how often you really sit still, get quite, and actually give an ear to the silence as you wait for the The Spirit.

For your mind always demands your attention, and until it is quite, it’s hard to recognize the voice beyond that transcends it. For the mind seeks only facts and figures, it is afraid to let go, to live in the unknown and trust the souls intuitiveness.

The mind seeks control, to comprehend, to get it..while the soul, the spirit, sits in silence, no worrying, no questioning; it is free from the conflicting ideas, ruminations and the fear based wondering, wondering if we’ve actually have made it ..It rests, it sits, it’s still, it Is.

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