Spirituality, Knowledge, and Experience

There is little use, and much futilely, in gaining mental knowledge and the possession of concepts; without practice.

All knowledge, the teaching and learning of spiritual things are solely to lead one to the experience of said spiritual things.

It is the presence of, that counts; that ultimately frees and liberates ones soul. The presence of self, meeting the presence of the bigger God/source reality. Connecting to. Not the acquiring of myriad understandings.

Aim for practicing more than ruminating upon the facts and figures.

We have unconsciously given much more attention to concepts, rather than the reality itself.

5 thoughts on “Spirituality, Knowledge, and Experience

    1. Thanks Dw! Things have been really good lately. I started therapy and have been really trying to change my perspective on all the things I complain about and see as “troubles”. I appreciate you; I was just telling my mom, when she asked if I had followers about you! You’re a good soul 🙏 ❤️ Grace and Peace to you too my friend.

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      1. So far so good! It’s nice to have someone see outside the box and help me see where I am thinking wrong and also where I could give myself more grace and room to falter. 🤗


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