Don’t Shoot the Messenger lol

Don’t be assured that every message is palatable like sugar and spice.

For many times it’s conflicting, it gets to ain’t always “right”(in feeling).

But like earthen, imperfect vessels, that crack, leak, that need set right..

They may show forth their frame..from dust from clay..mud ..washed away.

God breathes spirit..this part is life.

Listen to His lessons…even those told by covered, though often buried treasures.

In those personas in your Bibles, you get your deep deep prophetic messages. You reflect and draw your strength from..their every word…you reverence and claim it sacred.

You build sermons and create perfections…in the stories birthed from its subjects…

You subject them

Mary Magdalene, Sinner Samaritans, Greedy Collectors all about the Benjamin’s, Harlots and Lonely Well Drawing.. Imperfect Women….

Suicidal Elijah, Murderer’s and Hitmen…David and Rich Men. Lying and Spying, Theives Breathing Last Breaths Men. Doubting and Proud Men.

Hiding in Caves Men, Lamenting like Jeremiah, Tired and Perplexed ready to give in…

We praise these legends. Their stories form our messages..our guides…our fundamentalism…is sick again.

But now we refuse any lesson, if they come from anything or anyone that looks too much like human imperfection.

God can no longer speak through such filthy lawless..tainted. Humans.


In Rebellion






Us hypocrites

We don’t ever listen.

Though He dines with us still..and they refuse to accept it.

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