It really has been bothering me, the Nationalism..mixed with Jesus and all that He was meant to represent.

How history is so suitably those in controls best interest.

People defend certain flags…declarations written by old ass men.

We say historically such and such..and this and defend our resentments and belief systems.

We call ourselves Holy Men, called to defend our land.

Constitution in hand…Liberty and Justice for all!! Equal are men!

But like Jesus said..White Washed Tombs many times is what it is.

History is written and speaks through the blood of men, innocent men…I shall contend…proud, boasting, wall building white men! Rich men, indifferent to the plights of broken men.

The blood of Natives, caged and sent..

Across their conquered boarders by our so called God sent.

Lined up and massacred…

Raped and slaughtered..

Our sacred pilgrimage.

Genocide along the lines of Nazi minds, and we still can’t admit it.

Who’s land, by who’s hand all you righteous men, please tell me again how it all happened back when…?

Blood shed

Blood shed

Blood shed


Robbery and greed

You claim the rights to everything, control is what you seek…blinded you can’t though see…. forgive who, when you are the one in need of forgiveness?

Puppets, privileged, mastery.

Desiring and putting your stakes in..all that the devil offered Jesus..while He was hungry for something in His wilderness.

Wake up..oh you fooled wicked wicked content men.

What is your pursuit, if it ain’t Kingdom like Righteousness?

Who’s spirit really is in….that and this?

We must reflect….

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