Is it true?

That the more you do live in the moment,

Slow motion.

Life slows up?

A subtle hush…


Practice silence to find it.

Even within your head.

Live free.


IN this moment.



Living in our heads, moment by moment.

What unpleasant consumption of so many nothings!

Distracted for what though?

Lost in the circus of…

All that is tormenting us.

Rush rush rush rush rush

So life goes passing …

Go go go go go

And no ones laughing.

Languished faces, anxious, unhappy.

Fronting and posting..

Living for boasting;

We’re all missing out on more than we dare ask He.

Real life.. freedom from yourself.

Your very own thinking.

The mad man within who’s always complaining.

God he is raging and always complaining!!

Still his soul; sing him a lullaby, rock him till he’s no longer breathing so hard from a night of silly fears and painful tears;

and you may find gold.

They say there’s gold somewhere in there.

Suet and ash are not our lot;

But we only find beauty some say, when out of these thoughts.

Our own heads.

We’re all jaded.

That’s the paradox ..

It’s always us we think so much of;

I’ve always(thought) I had the answer, been the teacher, the leader and the genius. Ego Ego ego egocentric haughtiness.


I can’t address.

Rebirth to me right now, means trying to see everyone else as my brother or sister. No longer as someone needing my opinions and mentorship.

Oh silly silly silly me.

Not as to demean oneself, myself.

But seeing things differently.

How highly, but I hope somewhat justifiably, for my unconsciousness in all my pride and blindness I’ve thought of myself to be?

Silence the mind.

Don’t let it speak.

Be Be Be Be Be Be Be.

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