Random Rhyme Time

A clean conscience makes a great heaven.

You are what you eat, that shit can go in all directions.

We reap and we sow, karma collectors..persons influenced by every suggestion.

We are all our biggest projections, shit instilled..past subconscious recollections.

Puzzle pieces of our each personal histories..tragedies and beautiful things…

Shaped by all that’s made us..

Everything thus…

We are such impressionable people, not prone to reflection; but carried by wind… by ego and fear of the loss of..self preservation.

We mostly represent what our own environment and influences have given us..but it’s never us.

Like wise it’s always never enough.

I find that each generation fits perfectly into its own apocalypse.

That if ones heart and mind don’t turn from all that Ceasar and empire have always offered..that twisted script..those self centered, man made, dividing politics…

Where we are center of the manuscript…our tribe, our, tongue, our Nation..egocentric selfishness..

Yes we will, all perish unless we repent of it..

This separate shit.

Seeing a person and knowing all of them..

With never even caring for conferences..between humble men.

We judge like men…

By our own experiences, feelings, and lenses..don’t believe me.. Google it.

You find that each of us is quite alike:

Haunted by the same fears and carried through by the same hopes.

Our evils are shared as well.

We all stand on solid ground when it comes to the inner realm..

But, none of us are very good at remembering this.

It’s the heart within ..don’t get it bent. Don’t try to over comprehend it…

Don’t take a side and hide under the disguise of all that our atmosphere has equipped us with..

Be bold enough to look beyond it..

Transcend that cultural boundary shit.

Cuz, you’re a mf soul within; much more than all that solid earth could define you with.

And the next mf you happen to be in accompany with, is also the same. Ain’t no spiritual differences when you look at the circumference of the soul within 👀

Deep beneath a blank slate once became..if we forget all the genetic things that also inform our ways..

I speak solely of environmental influences and how they tell us who we is…

We all have this sin: This inability to see we have to change ourselves first. Every OZ and gram that may be in another..we must first find in..

We have that same sin most usually…that same enemy that is killing..all of the love and life left in humanity.

Oh me oh my!! Not I, not I!!?

Thats how we think usually but so softly.. it’s a subconscious thing mostly. Ya dig!!? 💡

The way WE see, is our worst enemy.

Because it is more deceitful and hard to see…

It’s bigger than, you, than me.

Have to escape these “conquer them” mindsets…

❤ Every thing within us and throughout belief systems..be it even people’s Near Death Experiences, or life changing transformations..

Speaks of love being the ultimate answer. ❤

Jewish Jesus, Black Jesus, White Jesus..isn’t the question or the answer my peoples ..

The message behind the outer reflection is what is in need of digesting.

Men..and men alone stand up and claim mine! All the time. Mine! Mine! Mine!

Closed fists on all of it.

And this is the sin.

We all share and we all refuse to give up.


My need to be right.

My rights.

We bicker

We fight

Love is forsaken..

As we mourn and cry

Time is lost

Lives on the line.

Cuz we chose our earthen vessels instead of our soulfulness.. and filled that shit with all the scripts of each of our very own upbringing and environments.

Not very many can seem to see past all that they… see.

Not very many can hear, past what they hear.

A clean conscience makes a great Heaven.

We should try to pursue that just a little bit.

Clean the cobwebs in our own dusty heads, lay down our arms and talk again.

Know our neighbor, is every man. Which ever mf man is right at hand…in front of you, behind you, across the line of you..

Jesus meant everyman.

Eccept EVERYMAN that is willing to come.

Change the way you see a man. Remember a whole life was formed honestly unconsciously, and we are all actually victims of our very own systems…lineages of systems.

We all need to see what a soul looks like again.

Oh bickering, side choosing men.

We’re all gonna die and it’s over with…

Unless ypu believe in something bigger than..in which case most say..your heart needs to be in agreement with, the greatest good for each and every man..

Oh mortal men who fuss and shit. Over land, property, and pride and shit.

Throwing fits unable to feel confident without all that they have identified with..

Unable to look within…

If we cannot first see our own soul..it’s truthful ugly and also the majesty of it…all

We can dare not claim to see through the outer makings of the next man you may meet.


We all have these common enemies. And likewise a common golden law beneath..if you can see..

But we’ve done made everything and everyone else the enemy..to what we want and need.

Not the ugliness of the sin itself..that again..in some remnant or fashion..lies or has laid at one time in each and everyone of us.

We are not what has shaped us..to much extent. There’s more to it..it’s so more complex and we don’t even try to get down to the human basics..within

If you can see what love really is..

You’re on track..keep giving into it..

And allow it to expose YOUR common human ugliness…

Kindly but affectionately and mercifully..

Drink the remedy and let’s save humanity.

It’s so fucking simple and so fucking sweet:

Do what’s right..to everyman. Your friend, family, enemy, mailman, and friendly neighborhood handyman.

I tell ya, a clean conscience..makes a great Heaven.

It was never meant for later..

It was meant for now, within..

And for everyman.

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