People like to look at ones life and judge it.

Point out all the failures.

Yet they don’t know how many obstacles others have had to fight through, to simply make it through.

They don’t consider what could have been; if one just allowed themselves to succumb to all the past traumas and situations that they were brought up around.

They look at this, as not good enough..for it never is, to people.

But, you wouldn’t imagine where it could be; life, family, the way kids turn out…

If one had just stopped trying to overcome…to stop getting back up. To just stop searching for heart change, hope, values and all that.

Where would we all be?

If I had just said fuck it?

And given in?

This may look like giving in to many.

But, many don’t know the story.

And how dark it could be, if, I chose not to keep wanting to find hope, love, and wanting to walk in the “right” way.

I’ve struggled since a kid with suicidal tendencies, depression, anger, stability. This has been a constant getting back up, fighting through thoughts of giving up on life. I could have turned to hard drugs, alcohol like most my family.

I could have allowed my kids to run thr streets, gave them no ideas of a God and a greater good.

I could have done all that.

Many could have.

People don’t know, where things could be..

If one just really gave up and stopped fighting for whatever is bigger than themselves.

One thought on “People

  1. Getting back up, hanging on to hope when that voice is screaming at you there is no hope (or whispering that you have every reason, every right to let go) – that takes tremendous courage, tremendous strength. And to hang on to what love really means when you are being judged – that takes tremendous understanding, tremendous compassion. You have all of these and you live out and write out your testimony. Grace and peace to you…


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