Lost Faith

I lost my faith in Christianity, when it became clearer, that the majority of professing followers of Christ(myself included) appeared to chase after becoming “saints”, rather than servants. And in order to be the saints they so believed they had to be; they had to be all consumed and sold out, by what it took … Continue reading Lost Faith

Reading The Bible and Other Works.

"Unless you learn how to read symbolically, you don't get the meaning of most Scriptures. Literallism, the way I'm afraid a lot of fundamentalists interpret the Bible, is the lowest level of meaning. The least helpful of meaning. It's all symbolic. But most of us aren't trained to read literature, much less spiritual literature." ~Richard … Continue reading Reading The Bible and Other Works.

How Much Does God Include? Unity: By Father Richard Rohr.

"Most people only appreciate people who are just like them; which means, you're pretty narcissistic. You've never moved beyond the first circle of self.... Now, Bonaventure says once you pass all these tests(loving first the smallest things, the things in your inner circle; than moving outward), than you might see angels. I haven't seen any … Continue reading How Much Does God Include? Unity: By Father Richard Rohr.

Mark of the Beast? :Speculating with Self

The mark of the beast maybe, is not to be seen as some physical thing to come into the horizon. It is not some big trick you have to fear stumbling upon. It’s nothing to be figured out. It’s symbolism. It’s going to be(IS) something, every man can/could choose. Not just one particular generation. Look … Continue reading Mark of the Beast? :Speculating with Self


Oh the time wasted. Chasing certainty, understanding, a belief. Debating, accumulating knowledge to confirm what I had been TOLD and TAUGHT. Study study Jesus the subject Yet nothing was done..not much.. that resembled His teaching. I was fulfilled Yet others left lacking It was about my getting it right...while those precious lives and hearts all … Continue reading Today