What people don’t seem to understand about suicide, is that it’s not that people want to die. They just don’t want to live.... β€œ like this.” And I guarantee, most if not all who do, fought a very , very, very good fight before becoming tired of that fight. Just as much as some people … Continue reading Understand

To Zoloft or Not to Zoloft (part 2)?

OK, so I started taking it again. That was a terrible idea to stop it😡πŸ˜₯! Some of you warned me, but I didn't wanna listen. I didn't realise how much it helped or I had forgotten. Here is the shitty part, I'm not sleeping again πŸ˜₯. This was the original reason I tried to get … Continue reading To Zoloft or Not to Zoloft (part 2)?