Essence and Form, What is the ?

God is Essence, without form. Though "He" lovingly and humbly descends to our level, "He" is not fixed on label & name. For, God Is Essence. "He" is impartial to the outward man, and sees with eyes we cannot comprehend. Into man, where most men dare not tread. But most are stuck outside, blind, a … Continue reading Essence and Form, What is the ?

What He Said: Ekhart Tolle

β€œThe deepening (spiritual healing, freedom, awakening, liberation, self-discovery) happens through the challenges of life. If you could remove the challenges of life, it’s virtually impossible to remove the challenges of life; but if you could remove for a period of time the challenges of life, by living in a totally protected environment, the lack of … Continue reading What He Said: Ekhart Tolle