God Within

My primary resources to God, have been books and other such things: podcasts, sermons, others experiences..you name it. And as much as I've mentioned this before, I believe some things are worth repeating. For years now I've felt compelled to put it all down, and seek God differently. It's funny because you would think we … Continue reading God Within

Reincarnate it..or Put an End to it

No one's to blame. It's a cycle. A cycle of brokenness. Sin is it. The enemy to us. Not another. The way to conquer sin, is through love. The power of self-sacrificial, self-denying, all accepting, adopting, unrelenting, merciful love. Christ like love. Laying down myself for someone else. I can't change the world. At least … Continue reading Reincarnate it..or Put an End to it