Get Out of Your Head and into Your Heart.

For so long I’ve been taught that I couldn’t trust my heart. That it was a dangerous thing.

So I was taught to listen to what was understood. Man’s opinions and descriptions. Teachings and traditions.

Knowdlege of…others commentary and prescriptions…of what was “true religion.”

Only a few verses and lines to back it up…doctrine was created.

“Don’t walk by feelings”. As though all feelings are worth fearing.

They’ve told us that “this” is walking in the spirit, but in reality most of it is head knowledge. The wisdom of men. Not even looking or digging back far enough to see how long(not long at all) the very things we call true, are fairly new.

True things run much deeper than ways of describing and defining them.

Words cannot contain them.

There is something to the human spirit/soul that needs, is built to “feel” out the bigger world. The physical.

In a majority of near death experiences, people of all walks of life experience similar things. So common, that there are things one must experience during one, that help researchers determine how possible it really is that the subject had one.

Truth can be found in repetition.

Anyway, in these near death experiences, people still felt. They still had consciousness, though it was better…and they still experienced emotion.

One thing I’ve noticed, is how they don’t really mention knowledge or understanding being so important. Everything kind of transcends what we call truth. None of the stuff we spend so much time arguing over and relevant.

People say they “know” more and sometimes “all things”, but it was given..then and there. As if natural. It was knowing quite felt..rather than known.

Ok, I’m getting off track some.

But, feeling is something we have been given. It is part of our spirit and it CAN be trusted if one has the wisdom to listen. To listen, to listen to listen.

Many times, it’s when we get the mind involved that we start rationalizing, justifying and criticizing…etc.

But there is this fundamental part of us; that feels out right and wrong. Spirit and truth.

We just have not been taught to listen. We have been distracted with everything else. Be it teaching, understanding, debating, explaining, critiquing, learning…minus getting silent and quite..and believing and knowing that God speaks to our spirit man.

We’ll turn to the human mind, before we ever tune into that deeper essence ALL MANKIND has been created with and given to “know” God.

We don’t see each other in God’s devine divine image, but rather through the lens of what has been handed down to us….translated, interpreted and bigoted man made wisdom.

Ask yourself, “who did I learn this from? ” Where did it come from, and has it evolved over time? (What I’ve been told is truth.)

We only live out a fragrant of time here on earth, and it’s easy to assume all we know, practice and THINK has always been so…no tainted no debased…defaced…undiluted truthfulness.

We thus live in our heads, taught not to trust our “hearts” and we are missing out on the real life God intended for us.

God is spirit, and so are you! Though I do believe Jesus was God in the flesh, I also believe He was what the Bible and the teachings of the men in that Bible were ultimately pointing too. I don’t believe the Bible is our only way of knowing God and there are many people a million times over that have and still do have a relationship with God as they know and understand Him and, they bear the fruit of Christ to prove it.

I don’t believe God is more concerned with doctrine than He is with freeing men. And He’d rather men be whole, at peace, restored and freed…than wrapped up in the exact understanding of Him, we as humans insist upon.

Look at the healing in the temple. It was man that wanted to follow the rules instead of heal.

All throughout the gospels, the books we say as Christian’s declare the revelation of God THROUGH Christ Jesus, thier are stories of what it is all meant to be about and look like:


How He served and treated people. All people. Especially those that the religious and political establishments of His time stigmatized and thought were heathens doomed to eternal hell.

I got off track again..but my point again goes back to the heart, not the head.

Over and over again Jesus appeals to the heart of man. Judges the heart. Speaks to the heart and touches the heart.

He still does today.

So get out of your head and into your heart. Trust that God, however you may see and understand Him, is bigger than all we finite humans define and and describe Him as.

And what the human heart has experienced Him as: love, peace, joy, merciful, pateint, light…is most likely Who He really is.

Not all the different opinions formed from the minds of mortal men

I’ll say it again, get out your head and into your hearts. Listen and let Him lead you.