Essence and Form, What is the ?

God IS Love & Light, & makes ALL things new.

God is Essence, without form.

Though “He” lovingly and humbly descends to our level, “He” is not fixed on label & name.

For, God Is Essence.

“He” is impartial to the outward man, and sees with eyes we cannot comprehend.

Into man, where most men dare not tread. But most are stuck outside, blind, a different form of dead.

Perspectives & Divisions, sees the outward man.

God has come in this Loving Essence in many form and to many men, but only a few there were to whom this transcendence was not hid.

Because they were unable to look within. Lost in their heads and rhetoric.

A man is known by his fruit, so was said. But, we turned our ears and closed our eyes instead.

For where there are miracles and healings, forgiving and any grace shed, There God any man.

Where there are servants rather than divided saints trying to escape their consciences..

There God treads, in any land.

Temples of flesh, souls afire, ego death, self-sacrificial, surrendered men.

Human prophets, or God in flesh, the message the same, but we’re too deaf. We need our boxes checked.

We’re all in our heads, out of our hearts and by empty, memorized knowledge we’re led.

Have you ever thought of it?

We sing and read and raise our hands, like ritual we come and go, back and forth to our rocks and stone.

We see more physically and carnally than we dare to see,

God Is Essence, Love, and Light

Stuck on names, brains glued to a page we fuss and fight.

Mental compartmentalizing God, in our human minds.

God is Essence, Love, and Light.

How often we’ve missed “it”; hypnotized by old words and feet firm in buildings, walking past the hurting on our way to worship “Him”?

God Is Essence, Love and Light, not hidden in religion, blocked in with Doctrines, Imprisoned on one continent, and can’t be made into any single image.

For any image formed in the mind or hammered by the hand of man is bound to have impurities, tainted with our personal preferences, dogmas, and individual experience.

Can you handle this?

Or is there some kind of prick?

And do you go to your head or soul when you question it? This might be a time to search and see from by where your really led…

Heart and soul or the mind of men?

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