Every and All

I see Life, Spirit, Light, Love in everyone.

You can no longer persuade me, that “God” resides in thought alone and not Spirit. Not Essence.

That God is confined to form, to words, to mortal mans conceptions.

That Spirit is imprisoned to Nation, Tribe, Ideology, Language, Gender, Race, Region, Religion, or Theory.

That one’s mind can distinguish and define such Eternity.

How small, how very restricting, contracting, embarrassingly controlled and subjugated, are mans concepts of such things.

Spirit is Free, many men claim to be free; only to be found wanting, caged in by thought, by form.

By the need for definitions and the unsatisfiable thirst for knowledge of All that Is. Missing thus, All that Is.

Fearful of not getting it, they pursue and despairingly cling to anything that they are told lets them in; while a door stands wide open, they shut themselves behind it, and others out.

They bar the door. They put weights against it.

I use to think I was safe behind it, right, in. But now I wonder if all along, those locked out, who knew not right, who were not in; were, are the ones free… Because they are free of men’s insisting and very conflicting descriptions of where and what Heaven is..

Thus Free to be..Free in Being. Free of men’s mental constrictions..of the mind of the psych..earth bound limited.

When did mortal men confuse Earth with Spirit, mind with Soul? When did they decide to hide behind thought and form, when all along Spirit is Free from them? Beyond it. Above it..Transcending it.

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