Yin And Yang

No pain, no birth; some sages say.

Aches and pains, strength and growth.

When fire, there is smoke.

Liberty after chains

Hmmm, say it again…

And when I look back and I think of it; that’s exactly how it’s forever went.

Angels and Heretics

Heaven and Apocalypse

Fancy men and lunatics

Honesty and Politics

Death threats, the applause of men.

Submarines and rocket ships.

Holy highs and dark hellish lows.

Palace floors, ebony doors; dust, dirt and stones.

What’s to this, humanity’s dilemmas and drama trips?

Men’s victories and transcendence.

Both the hero and the villain in the manuscript.

Dungeons and dragons, temples and sacredness.

Shallow swamps and mountaintops.

Gains and loss

Plot twists, re- written..

Nightmares visited,

Fantasies gone lucid, if only to relive them.

Fools gold, turned prodigies

Lovers kisses turned torn sheets.

Magnetic energy, Kamasutra chemistry, turned heart wrenching afflictions.

Peace and war,

Prince and pauper,

Favor, dishonor

Open and closed doors.

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