Of Tithes( What I Give/Dish) and Truth.

God, Source, Love and Light,

I’m realizing all I can give you, is solely my truth.

Even when it’s ugly,

Let not my kind actions and words be nothing’s; forced, fraudulent attempt’s to prove something.

Let me not lie to myself, when my outward ways are brighter than my thoughts and feelings.

May I be authentic with You.

Knowing that the truth sets free; and to simply hide behind smiles and good deeds done mechanically and not from real being, is a game so well played by society, it keeps one from seeing what really lies beneath.

May I own my truth; my humanity.

And may I meet the dawning day when I can do and say generous and beautiful things from a genuine place.

May it be ever evolving, love resounding; soul conscious of what I mean and what I’m honestly thinking.

May I not deny these broken wings.

And yet, may I act nicer and kinder to all Beings, until I witness it being an internal Me.

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