Consciousness: Notes To Self.

What consciousness (conscious awareness) is not:

Not being in the present moment, but lost in thoughts of the past or worries of the future.

Pondering and analyzing any and everything, that is not needed in that exact moment.

Reacting, rather than responding.

Being possessed by your emotional triggers; they being what drives you rather than being aware of what is needed in the present moment and in that exact context.

Being lost in thought.


Needing to speak only your thoughts and opinions.

Not listening.

Carried along by thoughts and emotions. Allowing them to catch your attention and lead you further into them.

Allowing the past to still hold you down, allowing the future to bring you fear. (Thoughts, ideas of them.)



Attachment to expected outcomes.

Victim identity.





Fantasizing (lost in something other than reality).




Allowing your ideas, thoughts, and emotions to be your reality.

Obsessing over what others think.

Obsessing over yourself.

People pleasing.

Not setting healthy boundaries.

Feeling all is over, not worth trying, giving up.

Judging and labeling.

Close-mindedness (unconscious of anything but yourself. Your ideas, ways, etc.) This is ultimately unrealistic.

Not moving on.

Not letting go.

Allowing fear to lead you. Or stop you. (Fear is a product of the mind when no present threat is there.)

Holding on to things that are not good for you.

Running from your problems, rather than releasing them and seeing them as an aspect of life.

Holding back your present emotions. Not allowing yourself to feel them, but while not reacting to them at the same time. (Being lost in emotion is different than being present with them. Lost in them requires mental chatter. The emotion is not released, but fed. Being present with them is feeling them, but not analyzing them. Seeing them, but not giving them mental attention).

Not seeing the person right in front of you (lost in thought, always ready to speak your mind).


Living a lie.

*Intuition, is best heard and recognized when nothing else is in control. When one is so present with the moment at hand, that they see into it, feel into it, and hear into it. Immersed into the Present Moment, as It is. Without eyes and ears in a sense, able to yet still “see and hear”.

*Not that any or all of these things are bad, abnormal, wrong, etc; but that, when lost in thought or emotion, one is consciously there and not here. One is not in that exact moment, fully present.

*It won’t be head stuff or mind stuff. It will be deeper. There isn’t mental chatter in intuition.

* Consciousness and Intuition go hand in hand. As do Silence and Consciousness. The more you have of one, the more the other. Even if silence is not in a physical sense, but rather the silencing of mental chatter. Silence of the mind.

*You can only become intimately familiar with another’s voice, by hearing it often. You become progressively attuned to it. Even in the midst of other voices one can identify it. It is the same with Intuition. It’s a learning experience, of tuning in. Finding that station. Being able to move the dial there easier and much quicker than before, comes naturally with practice.

*Intuition: You can feed it, weed it, or ignore and neglect it. As in the material world, you will thus strengthen or weaken it. Weeding it implies weeding out thoughts for example. Weeding out distractions, particularly mentally.

*The more you follow after negative thoughts or feelings; the more they possess you. When the thought or feeling arises, feel it, as in recognizing it, but don’t let your thoughts follow after it. Let them come and go. Don’t label, name, categorize, analyze or attempt to comprehend them. Feel them and allow the mind to be blank. Don’t force or resist the emotions, but allow. Sit behind the feeling and involve no thoughts, it only emphasizes the feeling. It gives it life.

*When thoughts arise, recognize them, but don’t allow them to lead you on. Acknowledge them, but allow the mind to find that blank state again. Don’t follow along the winding trail, don’t go there.

*Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes progress.

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