Nature Nurtures

I was mediating outside this evening. And I am getting better with practice, at really having my mind clear of all thoughts. And just being there with only my feelings in the background. And it’s like a wide open space, almost like floating…the sensation within. An expansiveness. So weird.

And I’ve been really learning to appreciate silent meditation. Particularly, outdoors. I was once a skeptic of this: the nature and divinity idea.

I mean, how could one ever consider nature, the natural state of things, the creation created outside of mans hands; and think it is more sacred and informing than our concepts written with pen? 😉

But before I get off track, I began to notice all the creatures and their nosies. Natural noises. All in some crazy harmony, if we were silent enough in the mind to pay attention.

Silent out and silent within( thoughtless).

And it’s as though I could feel their rhythm. It coursed through me in some energetic sense.

And I was reminded of the things I’ve heard when it comes to frequency, know energy, in other words. And, I also have heard about humming and how certain tones, pitches, or chants have been used throughout millennia to connect to a Higher Power, bring healing, to induce higher spiritual states, etc.

And as I felt connected to these natural rhythms and vibrations outside; it was as though that energy was absorbing my energy; releasing it in a sense. Past painful energy.

Anything that came to the surface thought wise, I did not cling to. But I let that energy be felt within me, no thoughts attached. Just “sat” within(soulful level within), with whatever feeling came up.

Again, it’s as though the energy without, in some strange but satisfying way, seemed to connect with the energy(emotion/feeling) inside me..and just take it away. Transmute it.

It was so awe inspiring.

The things we may take for granted. Doing their natural thing. Not thinking about it. In unison. Intuitively driven. No questions asked.



Buzzing and humming a tangible vibration.

But we don’t seem to hear it or know it’s there possibly? We’re too full of thoughts, surrounded by our own particular noises maybe?

Garden of Eden, intruded upon by the intellect. Forbidden fruit…just think of it. In the mind, the human head. Thinking always thinking and needing to know..not Being.

And we don’t sense the energy within? We are too caught up in our heads, is this it?

It’s become endangered: The intuition, the recognition, and listening on a soul level; that should be just as natural for us.

And as I heard all these random creatures, in tune with something much bigger than I had believed; and their incessant humming and buzzing..

I realized how much energy they were also really working with. To never tire. To keep it up as they do.. a constant and consistent vibrating.

Energy, it’s all energy.

You create it, expel it, absorb it, feed it, go with it, neglect it, stifle it.. consume it, influence it.. feel it.

Can connect with it, Source. Light. Love. It’s energetic. At the root of it.

Pay attention to it! Learn to work with it! Learn it’s voice..become attuned to it..Spirit..

What do they, these creatures, intrinsically know, that I don’t? And why don’t I partake more often, of It?

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