Puzzles and Pieces

Why hold fast to one piece of the puzzle; when there are still so many to piece together ?

Why not put the piece aside?

Many times, with puzzles, mysteries~ you find that the pieces you have don’t fit quite right, or you can’t find their proper place.

And you will find, that if you start to fit the other pieces together the picture becomes clearer. The pieces more distinct.

And eventually, that stubborn piece, will find its place.

To hold one piece and to give it all your attention, to insist that piece go first or next, to need to force it, to want one particular order of how this puzzle be built…

Is like mistaking that one piece for the whole.

Giving your all to a small portion, a fragrant.

Time ticking by, while the other pieces sit and wait. Ready to go. Knowing their place.

A life that could be bigger, broader; assembled. Yet, that piece will not let you go further.

That piece must be set aside many times…

So the rest of them, can begin their progress.

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