Meditation and I

I was just meditating, and was actually as some have testified to, finding brief moments of solely awareness, that are as close to any inner liberation I’ve ever experienced.

The Throne Room.

At God’s “right hand”.

Before Him; where one can lay their burdens.

For the weight of burdens in that solace, that wide open space, is not felt..if even barely considered; were it not for the faint recognition that there once was a heavy feeling. But, its forgotten when you’re there also in a sense.

During and within some of those brief moments, there would come quick, simple thoughts or questions and answers(what I would call answers). Many times as images, or symbols one could say.

One of those thoughts was Jesus mentioning the Kingdom of God being within us; nothing(material) to be seen or heard, or waited upon.
And the thought that came next was our pursuit of that: God, His Kingdom, “Heaven”, The Promised Land, Paradise…

Our straining attempts to get there in the heart and head; that quest…

But here it was! Within. And no one could tell me otherwise.

The Temple.

Of Spirit, of God.

In silence and in stillness.

And when it came to mans determined pursuit of such; I had two images.

The first was not the way. That is the impression I got. It was not how it worked, but what we tend to think.
And it was a man running hard and sweating and coming to the end of a rope, which was around his neck and held in “Gods” hands. And God had tightened the rope and caused the man to be stopped in his tracks. Like when a dog on a leash can’t go any further and is forced to stop. The running choked out of him, something else controlling that stop…

The stop at realization and to finally give up is not forced. It is not someone else stopping us. It is not in someone else’s control. It isn’t typically quick and sudden maybe either?

The second image gave me the impression that this was the way that man does stop at The Gates and finally enters In.

And it was a man running hard and sweating again. Yet, this time there was no rope. No forcing him to stop, There.

The man just ran and ran. Until he could run no more. He’d ran too hard and too much, and hadn’t even gotten anywhere. So he finally realizes this. And out of breath, dripping with sweat and panting..he finally, simply stops. He lands on his knees, body tired, heart thumping, lungs burning.

He’s ran out of energy.

Basically the message seems to be about how man comes to That Place, of reckoning, when he’s finally worn out and tired of running. Running after this Kingdom where man has been told there is freedom; and also running possibly after all this earthly stuff we pursue.
The whole entire time..

It’s been Within.

And it’s crazy how every belief system and major religion mentions this somewhere, if not everywhere. Whether personified or plainly..metaphorically or matter of factly. And were all just still stuck in our heads and waiting for “the end”. Hoping in vain, in all the wrong things, in our attempts.

But, no energy need be spent.
In fact, it is where energy is. The energy we are meant to draw from, not exert.

And it’s as we’ve been told all along;

It Is Within…

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