Instinct and Intellect

Excerpt taken from, The Tao of Pooh; by Benjamin Hoff.

Reflecting on a riddle called Cottleston Pie; Pooh and the narrator dig deeper into the riddle:

“Why does a chicken do what it does? You don’t know? Neither do we. Neither does anyone else. Science likes to strut around and Act Smart by putting labels on everything, but if you look closely, you’ll see that they don’t really say much. “Genes”? “DNA”? Just scratching the surface. “Instinct”? You know what that means?

CURIOUS: “Why do birds fly South for the winter?”

SCIENCE: “Instinct”.

It means, “We don’t know.”

The important thing is, we don’t really need to know. We don’t need to imitate Nearsighted Science, which peers at the world through an electron microscope, looking for answers it will never find and coming up with more questions instead. We don’t need to play Abstract Philosopher, asking unnecessary questions and coming up with meaningless answers. What we need to do is recognize Inner Nature and work with Things As They Are. When we don’t, we get into trouble.”

This has been a re-accruing theme for me lately. To me, this lesson is about our minds or material self, versus our inner nature or spiritual self. And how we have lost touch with that aspect of our essential selfs. Our real nature, if I may. We have been zombified and no longer possibly see we are more than material form.

Is this purposeful? Accidental? Just as the passage before insists, I do not know.

But then again, when I get still and quite, I actually do notice something deeper and more transient than “all of this.” And sometimes when I listen and am aware( have eyes to see and ears to hear); there I am. And there indeed is this inner working, wanting to work. Wanting to be heard.

Have we forgotten, or not been told directly, there is more to this? You are more than this. We are more than this form and all the mental constructs and conditioning we’ve mistaken for our reality? Are we asleep? Or awake?

Dig deep.

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