Society and Emotions: Save the Youth?

I seen the heading of an article today that read something of childhood suicide on the rise and what we could do?

It is our society.

Are we willing to change?

We have unconsciously or maybe sadly even consciously; pushed our children off into the realm of our own power tripping and ideals of success.

The worldly, outside realm; if I may be poetic.

We have told them and ourselves to strive since pre-K, for success in academics, athleticism, materialism, and so forth.

We have drilled these “virtues” into their heads and praised the high achievers.

Material goals have consumed our minds.

Thus, our children’s too.

We have forgotten it seems, that they, that we, have an inner essence. A part of us that we no longer seem to possess control over nor give much thought to.

We have no junction over our hearts pursuits and desires. Impulses. Reactions.

We have not given our souls, our children’s souls, an ear.

We have not ears to hear.

We’ve not instilled in them how to handle and respond to emotional tugs and pulls.

To breathe, release, and let go.

The spirit of man has been devastatingly neglected.

We have gotten ahead of the cart..

What do our children need?

Inner resilience.

Their souls to me acknowledged:

To know and understand their personal inner workings and emotions.

How to gain peace in the midst of inner turmoil.

How to calm the storm that rages on unseen.

We’ve not given them anything to help bring rest to the nagging within.

In different terms, we have not given our children the skills needed for emotional control.

We have bombarded them with our incessant demands to achieve!

But I say, teach them to find peace!

Peace within, peace without.

Teach them how to handle the war within I shout!

No war within, no war without.

Give them coping skills from the start. Not arithmetics and the foundations of consume and demand.

Give them an economy within! Full of wisdom and helpful practices in order to conquer the confusing things going on inside them; and way before you give them grammar and science.

What is man, humanity has continually asked!?

We are not here to build another’s brick and mortar. Functioning slaves, yet lost to the reality of a deeper sense of self…Essence.

Heal the pained child within these little bodies, before you seek to possess their minds!

Teach them a better way!

Give them the abilities to process and balance the chaos beneath their heartbeats; before we put standards and measures upon their small shoulders!

Show them how to handle these damn burdens before we give them them!

Speak to their spirits, not just their minds and bodies.

Show them how to be still!

To listen within, before they listen without!

Get them tuned into this greater life force that they were made for; before you send them out zombified, chronic and critical.

And do not just try to prevent the new waves of childhood suicide…

But the new waves of violence, crime, the mental health crises and drug epidemics.

It’s amazing how you can get so many birds with only one stone, if you focus.

We can’t solely try to clean up the aftermath of our collective pain…

We have to start at the seed. The roots.

We need to be more intentional in our building; rather than always giving our time, energy, and resources to debris cleaning…

Go deeper.

Start deeper.

Sanctify their souls again.

See them as sacred again.

Within within within!

See the soul within!

Speak to it! Listen to it!

Give it the essentials it needs to float, dive, wade, and swim; before throwing them in!

And please feed, weed, water, and nourish it!

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