Pain again

Here comes the pain again; the rain again..

The storm within.

Tempest amidst, my soul bereft.

Just pain, what gain;

Comes from all this?

I hate what I am; I hate what I ain’t.

Black and white; no room for grays..

The weight, oh the weight….

Dark clouds, all the sounds…

Driven mad, driven mad…

Cloaked in misery, my inner me..shrouded by emptiness…so thick.

Can’t breathe, can’t swim..can only attempt to wade through it.

Let me not sink in this…

My own mind my ruin, my feelings drowning me in ever lasting melancholy.

The war wages on and on;

And I’m the problem.

Hypnotize me for just a bit; out of all this.

Take me a way and let this seize to be my every moment.

So deep, so potent.

So unsteady, but still hoping.

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