Pondering Love

Maybe when someone is in need of something and/or is suffering, and we know it.

We shouldn’t always have to ask them first, if they want help..

If we sense it..if instinctively or brazenly we have been alerted…

Maybe we shouldn’t always wait for their reply..

But simply, act on it. No questions nor answers necessary.

Meet that need, find a way to offer some relief to the suffering.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

A pained or shamed heart can’t easily receive; and it’s common rhetoric for us to offer only words of contribution yet not in-body them.

It’s much harder to reject a need already met.

It’s like being seen, known, and understood; minus the discomfort and guilt of having to ask, or bear the weight of saying yes.

The need is met, the suffering acknowledged, and we have discerned.

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