What do we Want for Another?

I’ve come to notice that in most religious circles;

It’s not that people wish others to be free.

Free of pain, suffering, bondage, etc.

It is not that people usually are really seeking another’s healing and peace;

But rather, we are wanting and expecting others to think like us.

To conform to our patterns and ideals.

It is the scene personified, where we find Jesus healing inside the temple on the Sabbath.

And those people entrenched in their belief systems, traditions and methods..(laws);

Would much rather Jesus and the man finding freedom, meet their expectations of salvation…

Than find freedom and healing at all (new birth).

Consider this.

And consider how Jesus taught and how he behaved. How He honored another, over the so called law. How He practiced healing and reconciliation; and in a very real sense dethroned the law and all our ideals of, “how things should be”.

Consider how simple he made things for people. How accepting he was. Consider how often he did or rather did not, walk around with the law in hand; and on the contrary walked around with other’s hearts in hand instead.

Consider this.

Consider how he practiced love more than preached. How he followed this path, more than idolized it, how he was silent on many subjects we are so adamant and vocal about.

Consider this; and let your mind be renewed in love, rather than law.


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