Mind Games and God Trips

What is this thing we’ve called God that we’ve idolized for so long; other than our intellect?

Observe yourself for some moments, and consider is it true? Not entirely true? But, possibly….. mostly?

Where does this God I have come to call mine, reside? When I ponder it?

But, almost entirely in my intellect..

Look at it.

We have come, to no longer experience God much anymore. A God that has claimed to be Spirit, not of this world, other than.. From above, on High..

We’ve lost Him..

In the worship of our comprehension.

Our definitions…

Which, if we were to look closely enough and admit it..we might see it is out of our fear and the need of control..

In order to “get it all”.

How we must have it all sorted out, to have any “faith” at all!!!

Oh the grasping, the seeking, the searching, minds hurting.

All done within our heads!

No longer does a soul feel out it’s Source.

Yes, question this!

No longer are ears and eyes opened to hear and see beyond all this:

God’s subtle steps.

And gentle breathes.

Tangible presence, but not to skin.

Too distracted by coming and going,

By the buzz, the strife, ego, and pride.

By filling our minds with theory’s and genealogies..

Quarrels and contemplations between congregations…

We can’t help but question; and we constantly feed on that tree….and we don’t even know it…

All so we can, hopefully know it.

Stop reading if I’m just joking…

Do we fail to realize that the answer our soul is hungering for(notice the hunger is not in the head, but within..soul level..where you forgot how to feel from, listen and see from); must not have yet been found; if we are still desperately needing to figure it out?

And are we still hungry at that?

Where have you left your soul within?

That part of you buried like a seed beneath..

Waiting to see the Sun again?

To come forth from the dirt, feel the air and breathe again?

Only then will it start growing. You know this don’t you?

Shall I remind you then?

Uncover that seed and let life begin! No pondering!!! Just BEing… the seed has all the intelligence you need!

You don’t find life in YOUR unsettling, constantly bothered, intellect.

It’s misconstrued, not to be trusted and insists on having right..it’s every assumption.

It grasps it clings, it is restless;



Vexed and..

We can’t get over it.

But, it can’t be boxed in, left in prison.

It’s essence is stillness, yet freedom.

We have turned the mind into God.

And God, into our minds..

I’ve come to say, He wants freed again!

Free to be Spirit and BE again.

He never stops speaking, it’s just no one is listening..

With their souls intent..that part that is beyond our physical senses.

Above our vain thinking and attempts to demand Him..to fit in..where we want Him to fit in.

Troubled minds, souls not alive…

Minds on fire to know Him more…with earthly toil(strenuous thinking) and man made words….

You can give them a thousand and one whispers and they still won’t answer..

Stuck in their heads, using their minds as lord and master.

Shhhhh, quite minds again.

Silent, stillness, don’t think… feel for Him.

And He’ll breathe fresh life again.

Again within.

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