The best way to find out if one is at peace or war, at love or hate, meekness or in arrogance;

Is to get still, get quite, in silence..

And look within.

As The Kingdom is within, so is hell.

One can easily tidy up the outside.

But one cannot deny what is within.

How do you feel when in stillness and silence?

Void of noise and any interruptions or distractions?

When thinking subsides..does the thinking even subside?

Can one sit with self?

Is there fear or peace?

Tension or release?

Gage your soul!

Take its temperature.

This more than anything..

More than words of wisdom, teachings or philosophies, questions or guessing….

Will tell one, whether he is free or not.

In need of something diff.

In need of rescue and rehabilitation, rest, sabbath, a doctor for the soul….

The real you…

The neglected you.

No one can really tell you, damn you, nor saint you…

This is a matter of your spirit.

And more than any specific religion, title or tradition…

Word, creed, or written things with good intentions..

Our soul knows more than we realize.

And we have more grace, and mercy and strength on our side then we often see.

We just forgot how to listen. To sit still in presence for some minutes.

Do not allow mans well worded prescriptions, and their misguided convictions inform you.

Just be still and listen.

Feel with your soul. And speak with your soul to God, the source of life.

Don’t think and twist it.

Sit, feel out presence. Feel yourself and allow that.

*Allow whatever comes up, pain or fury, peace, joy, sorrow, pressure…let it do what it knows best to do..*

Without you yourself taking action.

Don’t act on it, nor react.

But let what comes, come, until it is ready to go.

Let your soul tell you what it needs in this symbolic act of surrender and trust.

Trust God/Spirit/Light and love, for once.

Slowly but surely; without getting your thoughts,your past, future, personal beliefs involved.

Sit in spirit…

Let it all take its course!

Stop with control.

Let go.

This does not mean it won’t be painful, or hurtful.

It’s just the way to healing..getting out of the way.

Sit, wait, patience, feel and don’t think.

Invite Love in.

Let Love do it’s thing…..

It will do more good for you, then you ever have been “told.”

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