Pablo and Jane

Let me pour out the liquor and mourn a few, rest in peace to our time;

Rear view.

You were it

I had chosen you .

Let me let go and exhale,

Fast away this love spell.

No thinking of you and me; Godspeed.

It is the best elixir, ignoring all of my feelings, get you out of my mind, and eventually with time,

I’m free again.

Had me shook, brain freeze.

In my mind, head-space.

Now let it be dead,

Say grace.

But you are my favorite thing.

For the time being you had me singing;

Oh la la, let’s take

This somewhere together,

Maybe even forever.

You’re more talk, no walk; spitting game.

I was lying to myself; I’ve started to think.

Been doing it forever;

Can’t change nor forsake.

I was lost in the moment; got caught in false hopes and


Maybe one day them kisses can be replaced;

And even more the energy found within the space that we’d create.

Baby no shame

Pablo and Renegade Jane

But it’s all just names; and love and fake.

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