Coming to an End of Self..Finally Waking to Realize the Dissatisfaction We’ve Called Living.

“It is not the pursuit of greater and greater states of happiness and bliss that leads to enlightenment(finally seeing things for what they really are), but the yearning for Reality and the rabid dissatisfaction with living anything less than a fully authentic life.”

“The worlds problems are, by and large, human problems-the unavoidable consequence of egoic sleepwalking(following along with what we’ve been programmed or conditioned to think/want/seek/do). If we care to look, all the signs are present to suggest that we are not only sleepwalking, but at times borderline insane as well(the things we chase, call life, the things we put our all into, the things and values we look up to, etc). In a manner of speaking, we have lost or at the very least forgotten, our souls, and we try very, very hard not to notice, because we don’t want to see how asleep we are, how desolate(empty) our condition really is. So we blindly carry on, driven by forces we don’t recognize or understand, or even acknowledge(ignore).

~Adyashanti, The Way of Liberation. Emphasis added and (-) mine.

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