Random Rhyming Blame it on The Pain, Tho

Sometimes I can be so unthankful;

Please God make me more grateful.

But can I blame it on the pain though?

Cuz the storm rages on, before I explode.

They tell me I can’t blame it on the pain though;

And I’m tripping, cuz they say it likes it’s easy bro.

They forgot sometime ago; that what always glitters isn’t gold.

But I can’t blame them, even if I want to though.

They are just as blind as I, when it comes to unconscious egos. All Show.

Man I can be so triggered, yo.

A wreck inside and weeping, know.

Usually I give a fuck, but sometimes I just don’t want to anymo.

And I’m so damn tired of contemplating of what is right, what is wrong;

I can’t keep up with those logistics thrown; out like truth..

Be told.

I’m too human bro.

It’s more complex, I’m learning, but it’s going slow.

Must learn to ride and then ride the flow.

Life’s a bitch, but it’s a journey;

Maybe there is purpose though.

In the heartaches and the heartbreaks;

Is it in that in which we must grow?

Some we choose, some we don’t;

but who for certainty, most certainly knows?

And they say without a doubt; but that can’t be truth for sure.

I blame it on the pain, ya know?

I can’t help but keep seeking peace; though it comes in waves and oh’how soon it goes…

Inside I’m fighting my own brutal war, rocket shows.

Plagues me like Covid, I’m broken I know it; have always been searching for more than the world gives;

Looking for meaning; in all the suffering we humans meet; trying to find common ground in the quake underneath all our feet.

Human kind, troubled minds, hearts that beat and flesh that bleeds.

Human kind, all seeking and looking for more of what our souls need; we all breathe exasperated and contemplating; always hoping for good seed..

We reap we sow, we fall we grow, we mourn we cry..we rage.. we rage..



The puppets shout;

Don’t blame it on the pain babe;

Just take the pain and play the game.

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