2 Sides 1 Coin

Some say this is not like Jesus. I go about it so unlike He would..

My conflict and resentments; my criticism of many Christians, their buildings, institutions, and conventions.

Maybe to you it is so, but I look at it different.

Even the best of saints aren’t walking perfect in their giftings.

Show me one hero written in Scripture, that wasn’t plagued with sin sickness; or some form of a thorn prick.

The church has just conveniently hidden behind systems and traditions; but can’t see their own empty decisions.

Are you perfect in your giving? Your tithing and reading?

Do you look for the widow, the orphan, and underprivileged?

Have you turned your cheek, sold all your keep, washed dirty feet, and forsaken your dreams for those in need?

Have you torn down your buildings full of unnecessary riches? Gave your last to the mission?

Did you forsake all, cary your cross, would you give it all away for the sake of the lost?

Have you loved your enemy to the best of your ability, fed the hungry and clothed every naked man in front of thee?

Have you dared touch the leper, got to know the prostitute and robber, had dinner with all the dirty sinners, quite not like you?

Given up your front row seats at the front of the alter where your Gospel is preached, to the least of these?

So please don’t look down on me, for my own side that I see as following Jesus, not looking exactly as He.

For as much as many practice their faith, I to follow Him..just that side… that threw off a few.

Particularly the religious, entrenched in the commitment to almost everything that isn’t walking like the above mentioned.

I am that side of the coin that points out contradictions, calls some a brood of vipers, straining natts and not doing any heavy lifting.

Just like you, I may have good intentions; but I too just ain’t a perfect reflection of how Christ did it.

I am the side that sees the afflicted, lost and needing redemption; while pointing out the church just sitting, just drifting.

I am the side that pisses off possibly many; because I tell them to get up, get going, what are you doing just talking and speaking? Always singing and meeting, yet their are so many wishing..

Missing food, missing shelter, missing people, just empty.

I tell them they chase after giftings for their own personal feelings, and their feasts are no longer pleasing.

I point out the parts of Scripture that ask them to give more and they hate when they see me.

I get mad at their light shows and many activities. I’m the voice from the streets where the church has gone missing.

I am the voice of the fatherless, the cry of all still in poverty.

The face that’s experienced quite too much, like those some would shun and call misfits.

I am the side of the coin (Of Jesus) that made some religious folks squeamish;

By telling them they need to stop with their festivities and business minded ways of consumerism that they have let come in.. and get sight of the Kingdom again.

They pay attention to doctrine and tradition, and dare I mention the book of Acts when everyone gave up EVERYTHING, for the sake of EVERYONES best interest?

But would they even listen or skip to something more tolerating? Something that sits well with their unconscious intentions?

They point out sin, the need to repent; a much needed thing maybe so, but is it done perfect?

I choose to point out the lack of participation in humanity, unless of course they look just like them in every seat.

You see, I may come across as angry and hateful; but I too am not perfect on the side of the coin I feel so deeply called to represent.

For your sins, you’ll readily remember Davids sin, finding solace in him. Seeing he too and other godly men were quite like the rest of humans.

Can I too, not be a stumbling man? In search of truth, just with a different view perhaps?

Count me out if nothing I say holds any truth.

But, simply read what Jesus said and see if any of it is relevant.

Because just as you preach fine truths, not perfectly too..and you read, but very many times do not do..I speak what I see, just imperfectly as you. And I likewise don’t do it all perfectly true.

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