God, The Bible, Cycles and Typologies. *Needs Revision

Lately I’ve been pondering the cycles found in life. Found in history, in man; as is heaven so on Earth. The micro being a small part of the macro; fractals and holons. The repetitive nature of the seasons and stages of life.

Even more so, I’ve been very interested in how the Bible does such. Jesus and His message, being what the “Old” was trying to say all along; Jesus Himself being the divine logos or logic, idea of God, God in the flesh… a more humble, receivable, relatable version. The very image of God.

The cycles of imprisonment found in Scriptures; be it literal, in a wilderness, David’s valleys, Elijah’s prison found on earth and calling on death, Noah’s rain, Joseph’s well, Jobs heartache, Moses identity crisis, leprosey, rejection, shame, guilt, you name it.

Or the cycles of salvation after each of these.

Then the typologies. And I’ve been wondering why do we seem to limit them only to the Holy Scriptures?

Why have we seemed to have packed all the eternal wisdom, symbolism, and revelation into an old box and left it there?

Lately I find these words, so alive still. But alive not in a way we mean now: giving us comfort, peace, conviction, a feeling..which is all so still; but rather it still trying to show us the heart of man, the heart of God, the mind of man, the ways of the world, politics, and even religious institutions.

I have found how it ALL is still trying to give us revelation; yet we are still like the people of The Bible: blind, deaf, lost and unable to get it.

Politics are still the same. Jesus told us.

I find the heart of man still wanting a sign, a different thing. Still frantically looking, still greedy for gain, and there’s of course always the down troden, the hurting.

Even more compelling, I find the organized church still missing the point; just as God’s original people did when missing Jesus, the whole point, the new wine, the way to walk, the way to listen.

I find them still putting heavy burdens on people with their legalism and need for certainty.

I still see them straining nats.

I still see them giving the good seats to those of social prestige. The married families children being brought forth, honored and promised help, prayer and direction; while the unmarried mother and child are not even mentioned.

They are still questioning. Ruminating over laws, and if God “really meant this”.

The harvest is still ripe and ready, out of the gates still waiting.

God’s self declared people, are still sitting still needy. Still receiving, but rarely giving.

The inner city is filled with violence, poverty, crime, death and hunger. Not only material, but emotional and spiritual.

God said, take care of the orphan(fatherless), look after the window (unsupported), welcome the stranger!

God said, I’m tired of your sacrifices, your songs, your dances!!

Barns are still being built for access, so much that’s uneeded.

“Pigeons” and “doves” are still being sold, within God’s buildings.

Like cycles, repetitive attitudes, systems, and how men act are still revolving..unchanging.

Still searching for disaster, Armageddon, and Heaven.

Still arguing in the temple, overly focused on hell and Satan. Who’s in and who isn’t?

Still despising the Samaritan, walking past the abused man, on the way to the Holy City…so unaware of any reality..

I mean what do we think Jesus meant?

He seems to be saying this IS it!

Don’t look for it later!

We are all that generation! Guilty of hate and in need of repentance(change of the way things are seen(new birth: except a man be born again he cannot enter-which means see or perceive in the Greek-the Kingdom of Heaven).

It’s still a cycle! It’s still a fractal. It’s still the same ways and minds of men being played over and over again! Repeating itself, almost to be sure we get it, like when Jesus repeats things.

Most institutions are still blind and not listening. Still focused on buildings and comprehending things, that were always meant to have some beautiful mystery. Faith.

They’re are still prisoners to be set free! But God’s people are still focused and lost in formulas and traditions.

You see the messages are eternally relevant!!!

That’s how deep He speaks!!!

Even within every character found in the Bible, there can be found glimpses, not only of people in our current world, but in each of us of..

The hope and hunger. The dirt and ugly. Human shame and searching…the story, the journey.

The redemption process.

The unfolding of glory..to man. Who God is, and who we are.

The suffering that comes before the Promised Land.

The way to peace; found alone in mercy and forgiveness. The way of the servant being the way to Heaven; not to forget The Kingdom is within!!!

It’s all there:

The power struggles, the ways of Kings(leaders)..their oppressions, Gods blessings.

God being so personal. Saving the individual, rather than the whole.

How the love of money still corrupts.

Nations will be judged..not individuals but groups. The tribal, divided, Nationalistic minded and institutions seem to be the ones that face some sort of judgement(in Scripture)..but their is still this individual hope for change and salvation. Any group seems to, as a whole, get off track over time. To follow suit after it’s culture.

Again, every generation is that generation. The one who demands a jig and aren’t happy; then they get a sad song and are still unhappy!! We are never content or impressed.

We are still the generation at risk of not repenting. And not in a hell fire. But just as Jesus meant it then. He was speaking to a culture that was going astray. From love. From Goodness. They were proud and arrogant, set in their own ways. Selfish and vain. The church (God’s people), were getting the wrong picture, teaching rather than reaching..stuck in their ways. Unwilling to turn cheeks, resisting, caught up in power struggles and dogma.

I can go on and on. But, the messages are still the same. And Heaven can’t come to Earth, until we finally see and hear..what He’s still trying to say.

It’s like a broken record..on repeat, the message.

It tells us about OURSELVES, our wrong allegiances and how to find redemption.

Seek first The Kingdom..

But don’t forget..it begins within ya.

It all keeps repeating, until you change the vision…how you see and perceive it.

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