How Much Does God Include? Unity: By Father Richard Rohr.

“Most people only appreciate people who are just like them; which means, you’re pretty narcissistic. You’ve never moved beyond the first circle of self….

Now, Bonaventure says once you pass all these tests(loving first the smallest things, the things in your inner circle; than moving outward), than you might see angels. I haven’t seen any angels, I’ve got to admit. But, maybe angels come in different forms? Then and only then, are you possibly able to love God.

John’s letter says, “If anyone says he loves God, but does not love his brother or sister, he is a liar”. You’re lying; you’re kidding yourself. And if this is true, there’s a lot of liars in America. Who go to church and say they love God and are outright racist, they’re homophobic, they’re Nationalistic: “Anyone outside of the boarder,..we’re not sure about them”.

There’s no hope for the world.

There is no hope for the world.

Unless we all learn how to move outside our comfort zone.

And love people who are different than we are. So start practing, tonight. Smile at someone who isn’t like you. And maybe, you can do more than smile; but at least start there.”

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