Grace and Humility

I must remember; that everyone has their gifts, just as they have their torments.

Everyone has their light, just as also,

some darkness.

All have their season. In it or out.

To change and wrestle.

To learn and grow.

What I have escaped and lived through, seen and heard; another may have done so long ago, or some may have not yet met that battle.

I must be aware, that all are born prisoners and givers.

Prisoners of their own social and cultural dogmas, their own Nations karmas.

And givers of the same, when it comes to the beauty and inspiration each one brings.

A little life, a little death.

A little yin, a little yang.

Some are beginning, while others ending.

We all suffer loss, we all hope for better.

We could be entering, or we could be leaving

The vast and various circumstances that choak us or free us.

Closed doors or opened doors.

All in this journey, of love and also hurting.

One and the same, just different intersections..yet all eventually meeting.

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