God wants people free, more than He wants people to be adherent.

And while most have confined themselves still to rigid ideas and systems, refusing to move in Spirit; Jesus is still pointing at those outside the walls of religious fundamentalism.

Those moving and speaking as He did. Those bringing peace, freedom, love, and life to the most needed places and rejected faces.

Unimpressed by laws and doctrines, buildings and institutions; He still says..look! Look at this self-sacrificing Samaritan. See this woman, see this man! Doing acts of God?

Go and do likewise!!

He still refuses to give accolades to those so sure of their salvation. Those invested in labeling and naming; judging..saying what is right, what is not, what is so…

Those giving credit and allegiance to written rules and regulations. Mistaking law for truth, and formula for Spirit.

Yes, He still points to those bearing holy fruit. Those out in the byways and highways, amongst the sinners and in the trenches..following Him. Being led by Him and not by dead men.

He still points to the man and woman laboring in the fields of broken homes and sorrowful souls; saying go and do likewise!

Tear down your temples and empty cisterns; for the world is lost and looking for redemption. While you sit and listen to the same stories and written words in history. Feeding yourself over and over again, weekly. Un-discerning; dry bones, blind men always eating, always hearing, yet never life giving.

You give yourselves not away as servants would; but your time, resources, and energy is self absorbed, self gratifying, all of earthly form.

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