There is a time and a place for judgement, is this so? To be reprimanded, corrected?

The Church, the professing body of Christ..we can be the first to judge, reprimand and correct. Yet, we can likewise be the last to accept it.

And from what I find; we, the people of God, are to be the ones to be dealt it first? The first to be judged.

But, we still reject it; and from some lack of humility or unseen attitude of pride and arrogance..we refuse to accept it.

We will not be told that we are wrong; which is comparable to the same attitudes we condemn in “unbelievers”.

We will not subject ourselves to that.

And we would much rather pledge allegiance to denomination, doctrines of men, our platform, our name, our title, our comfort, our nation, king, politics, or very own ideas..than admit we got it wrong and need to change.

Change is to painful. Admitting wrong to demeaning..of ourselves. Our comfortable. Our biases, to familiar.

We will proclaim on Sunday, “let God be true and every man a liar”; but then live out our lives and show forth our true convictions…by following men..rather than self sacrifical love and servant hood. We will allow our denomination, the provider of the “church buildings” wealth and resources to say so; even when we feel God or our convictions saying no…

But..we say on Sunday, “let God be true, and every man a liar.”

We read what Jesus says..but do we have ears to hear? We see what’s going on in the world and our community around us, yet do we have eyes to see?

Because we still, sit. Quite stagnant. Hiding. Excluding ourselves from the very pain, misery, heartache and heartbreak..Jesus chose to enter and restore….we don’t like the byways nor the backseats; and we in many senses…have no good news for the poor.

We are self-missioned..self-commisioned..and typically unaware…

There is not much healing, freeing or opening of prison gates as you would think would be found in those who are called to be like Jesus.

There is instead much conformity and latency. No flow, but blockage. No laborers, just gatherers. No love, but maybe more self absorption..just being labeled with indearing terms.

No sacrifice or self denial.

Now in an individual sense, there are many hearts on fire..but in a corporal sense, things are much like the world at large. The group. The tribe. The whole…is being complacent and unwilling to budge.

Notice that in most of the Bible, it is not individuals that are typically being judged; but it is the establishments. The Nation. The tribe, group, or system. These are what typically is being called to wake up, and that consequences are being brought upon, for not listening.

It is much easier to follow and believe lies or truths..when the whole group is adhering. No one questions the whole typically. This is human nature.

And for hopes sake do also remember, whether it is God’s hands or not(God always brings life, people bring and enable darkness; God possibly just allows our consequences to finally bare fruit);when everything we’ve put our stakes in, be it America’s pride in power, might, riches, and abundance for example..fails us..when things we esteem of high importance come toppling over… When all we value and praise is afflicted, or becomes destitute; what’s left standing is usually what matters. Death comes in order that new life be found. Things are shaken in order to show what is eternal….

If we don’t see and hear, and change our groups minds and thus hearts; many times life will.

The darkness just like light, helps expose things. Without the dark, who would know light? For it is in the darkest of nights, that we see and move towards the faintest of lights. For even the faintest of lights is very bright in pitch-blackness right?

Some times it is necessary that things be wrecked, be shaken, be order for what is important…true..lasting..of a heavenly Kingdom.. to be seen and shown.

Things will be moved..will be shaken; but what what is eternal.

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