It is So

I have to constantly remind myself, that any “imperfection” I so identify in someone else; has either at one time, or currently, resides in me.

Sometimes it hides and is disguised. Sometimes it is manifesting in another form, fashion, or degree.

That shape shifting demon..always acceptable in me..but not in him or her. Cunning and crafty..I allow it to haunt me and use me…deny it is..and just like the enemy..accuse the other..I see it so clearly in the other.

At the end of the day..we are all alike here. We all wrestle with the same human evils and have the same capacity to join the side of that common “enemy”; and if we could be more introspective..we might actually find the freedom WE need.

We all are in need of freedom and redemption from the same foe. Who is here to steal, kill, and destroy…

And the greatest deception is just that…that we make the next man our enemy..the one we scrutinize and project our flaws onto..

While the force of what is plundering all of us, goes on unchecked, unseen, and unheard in a sense.

For of we don’t know who are real enemy is, how shall we even begin to overcome?

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