Thoughts on Carnality

We in many ways, have assumed carnality is solely action based.

But, how often do we actually live and operate in carnality; or function like the rest of the world, without even knowing it?

Be it our thinking? What drives us? What gets us lifted and makes us feel like we are somebody?

Carnality can be associated with our ways and why’s, sometimes even more than our actions. We have been taught to focus on sin management when it comes to actions.. rather than the way we move and think.

Our hunger to be noticed, applauded, recognized and mentioned. Our need for the same ego feeding things that lift our “spirits”, that the secular world chases.

Worldly or carnal thinking to me, can be just as much thought of in terms of our general need to be approved of by the carnal world. We want to be an idol ourselves unconsciously. To project a specific image to the world, that is not always realistic. And we do a lot to create that image. We go to great extents to keep up with it..

We have this need for great status, worldly acceptance and success. We are driven by fears of being seen as less than all we’ve made ourselves out to this world we want to be watching us.

We find this need to protect our image at all costs. To defend that image. To explain and define it. To have others reccongnize it. We love the confirmation and approval..of the world.

Our drive and pursuit of any and everything that makes us seem taller, higher, more beautiful, successful, smarter, essential to us.

Our need for the glory and the attention is our primary focus much of the time. We subconsciously and consciously, desire our name to be in lights.

You see, we often are craving the exact same things the world is.

We want to be filled with the same ego boosting, self validating things..the world believes are necessary to be..somebody.

Sometimes, though possibly unaware, even our very acts of kindness and generosity..things done in the names of godliness and spiritually; are simply this too: things that make US feel like someone. Somebody.. things that point us.

They must not be done in silence and annonimninty either notice. We go to great lengths to make sure of that; many times it is done in the attempt to make it appear subtle..but again..all for this image..we insist is noticed.

Our carnal minds always want the recognition. How dare our names not be mentioned or our faces not be shown, when it comes to our good deeds? Our successes must be on display..for the world to see.

Many times, we’d even much rather be rejected by spiritual circles( for lack of better words), than the circles of our society and culture, who remain dominant and are running the show.

For, we must be apart of that show right? We must be an actor in the play. We must have a role. And hopefully a central one..a leading one at that! Or we feel, like what?

Our pride, must be boosted. Our need to be seen and heard must be scratched!

We have to keep up with appearances and be approved everyone..and many times primarily those who are considered of higher social success.

We desire to be in the circles weilding most power and prestige; and many times our humility is more a show than a reality.

Our outer man has become more important than anything within. We must fit in. We must get the likes of men. Oh, we love the “likes” of men. Any thumbs down, are a threat to us. They touch us so..they bother and offend us. We must have a comeback, something must be said..we will not sit quietly and let our image be defiled..

We dare not appear lesser than; unless in certain contexts of course..when again, it feeds our thirst for applause and recognition.

Our drives, our cravings, our pursuits, our visions, our time, energy, and resources.. many many many times..are all for our own appearances..and our need to present this image..this idol..we’ve created to the world..

To the world, to the world, to the world.

We, have created an idol of our very selves. Hoping and ready to be bowed down to, and worshiped……

Seen and heard.

Recognized and mentioned.

And if we fail, and when we fall; we try to cover it and hide it.

If they are seen (our setbacks, failures, and ego crushers); if we are exposed as something other than this image we’ve erected and projected for the world ( for notice, it’s always the world we set this image up for); if our less thans are noticed.. we frantically try to explain them away or give valid reasons for things being an attempt to spare ourselves…ourselves..

..again solely for the sake of our image that we have purposely constructed and set on high..for the world to appraise and approve of.

We lift ourselves, more than anything.

We want to be an image bearer( image approved of by the majority)…we must protect and defend this image at all costs..and it dare not be put on any alter and sacrificed.

We are easily offended at anything that comes against this image, notice this. We protect it above all else.

We will not be dethroned..we will not.

Again, I don’t think carnality and worldliness..are simply these sins we’ve been taught to manage…

They are the very mindsets of the world we’ve allowed to possess and influence us. We are very much conformists…very much like minded. And often I wonder, do we even discern it or see it? Who’s image do we bear?

Or are we really captive, dead and dumb? Blinded, being blinded; and leading and following the blinded?

Carnal VS Spiritually minded? What image do we.. image? What mind to we mimic? What role do we play?

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