In His Presence

Lately, as I try to re-enter my life back on Jesus and God; I find myself reaching out for the same “resources”; rather than the Source.

Resources, have been my primary means to God, if they be a means..maybe a help..a tool..but I perhaps made them my idols.

For it was what I sought and pursued with most of my mind, heart, and soul: books on God, videos on Jesus, podcasts…devotionals…

Not that these things are bad; they just can be mistaken for God Himself…

At least this is what I have done for years.

Yet, these tools that I’ve given my all to, say;

IN HIS PRESENCE, there is fullness of joy..

Not by might, not by power, BUT BY MY SPIRIT says the Lord..

Come to Him..

Seek His face..

Sit at His feet..

Come boldy to the throne of God.

IN SPIRIT..and not in/of flesh.

There use to not be so many resources..voices..substitutes in the past. My past, histories past, your past.

All these things have been informing for me; but for my knowledge..for my mind to digest.

Yet in many many ways, that have been fruitless..

My soul was/is starved FOR HIM.

When I was young, and first encountered Jesus/God, it was all primarily experience.

I felt Him, I sought Him, I prayed more..I listened and was still more.

And looking back, I was in a better place. As if alive with God almost. He spoke to me more, the dreams were different(I haven’t had what I call a spiritual dream or message in years..).

I was more kind and loving, patient..imagine that lol. It was not self produced or forced.

There was just something different about it.

Technology has opened up the door to many helpful things; but it also can distract us..maybe even blind us and make us certain terms.

We meddle with ideas, theories, doctine..teachings…other people’s voices and experiences. Other’s lessons and suggestions.

All helpful again; yet maybe we miss out on God Himself?

What does He have to say to ME? To YOU?

He is alive indeed, but I myself have treated Him as if He were dead in many ways:

Rummaging through history and texts.

Old news…

Dry bones..

Empty cisterns…

Where is the upper room?

Living Water?

The Bread of Heaven?

Revelation and manifestation?

In His presence.

In Spirit…


Are at His feet.

The veil was torn for just this!!!

For us to be the new temple..

To experience the Living God…

We must not forsake His presence…

There is so much power, love, help..real life..real spirituality..

IN, the LIVING Word.

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