Violence in the Streets

I am tired of the perpetuating madness that’s causing folks sadness

Many times caused by little boys, who call themselves men

But, lack, the very qualities that have defined generations of manhood..

Work-ethic….don’t exist


Role Models…….nope

Self made? So they think.

Some call it a hard life, but it’s easy street;

Still whining crying, dependent babes..

Sesame Street

A steady state of evading reality and actually having to man up

Pursuing nothing that’s actually costly;

But is vain and sifting

Simple minded



Only dreaming

Calling what is weak, strong

Thinking one is in control, but slaves to the game.

Yet, is it your own brokenness that you are afraid to see is screaming for freedom..?

Too afraid of humility,

One of the greatest strengths if one dares to see.

Try to put your pride to death and he’ll kick, and oh he’ll scream!!

See who then actually possesses thee!

Pride has most living for the praises of those who don’t even actually matter..

Killing and being killed, blood splattered.

Bodies have been dropping faster than I can remember; and I’ve been here for far too long, boarded up houses now, streets tattered.

Killings and killings

We see exactly what this is; inabilities to handle ones feelings. 

So you wanna be Decatur famous?

But the only name for yourself that you’re making

Is what’s left behind of the tragedy of your life that you’ve been paving.

Come on, lets get a little creative original ganstas!

Out here thinking you’re making it.

The saddest reality is that it’s your own self that your playing,

It’s your own life that you’re wasting!!

Stutin and frotin for absolutely nothing!!

And you put your mama, your shorties, your life and your soul, on soooooo many somethings…

Yet do you know the value of nothing?

Now you’re out here pretending you’re winning.


Like you’re riding around and getting it…

Not even aware that right now you have no more to give, besides the next visous cycle of illigitimate kids,

And the repurcusions of your ignorance that you’ve called significance.

Weak actually.. because it takes strength to handle one’s emotions.

Any one can get angry, too triggered and start talking crazy.

Anyone can do what you do,

And lose control of their mood!!

It’s called the terrible twos! Yet you the dude!?

No, you’re a human being that has no strength to harness his own carnality..

Out here claiming, ” they’re all in their feelings”,

But you can’t even manage to get past the last blast, when some other cat, went spat on your emotions.

You can’t even tame yourself,

And you call THIS making a name for yourself?

You’re pride has got you tied and all your insecurities are screaming,

β€œI need someone, just anyone, to see me, see me, see me β€œ!!!

Because you can’t seem to stay off the streets..

Showing out, D-Town proud!

Man, sit down clown.

Music so loud

Voice so loud

Clothes so loud

Pockets supposedly loud

This is just another symptom that something is missing,

and the little boy inside is still wanting heard and no one is listening.

Just aching for attention.

For the last several years your motto has been, β€œkeep it one hundred..”

But you can’t even get past your own frontin.

Wake up son is what I feel like heaven would say.

For many, many, many men’s sake…

Life is to short to be living this way!

Man up!

Work hard!

Create a legacy for your family,

Not these wanna be’s, on these broke ass streets that actually think they are doing it!

I’ve been here for years, and someone has still yet to prove it.

Lots of loss..

Loss and ruin.

Out here running nothing but your mouth, out here shooting.

Can’t get nothing in your name cuz you’ve already abused it.

Living with so and so, always claiming to have something though. 

And you’d rather invest in your mess,

Than create any good things for the seed that you were man enough to put into being.

Wake up wake up wake up though!!!!

Rise up Rise up Rise up now!!!

And live in such a way,

That when your days are done, hole dug, cold grave..

You’ll be able to look back and say,

I’m glad I let go of all that nonsense, all that playing..childish ways.

Cuz the man I became, has changed his mind a million times; and to have ended it then,

Would have been very very very very very mf purposeless.

You’re worth more than all that superficial, detrimental, quick sand shit.

Go against the grit,

You ain’t no bitch

Toughen up!

Posses yourself young man!

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