Today: Listening: Welcome to my head: non-Stop thinking with pen.

Listen to yourself.

If you need to rest; rest! Nap! Get better sleep. Listen, get to understand your cues.

If you’re anxious; go let that shit out!! And productively! Not with nervous thinking, pacing, mind racing shit.

Get out and expend that energy!! Sadhguru suggests this;saying physical exertion is best for this negative energy or emotions.

All energy needs an outlet. And it is becoming fascinating to me, how we really factually (since we Westerners need factuality 😉) are energy. Everything is moving!! Weird, but true!

Level out that energy(emotion).

Find what works for you and ground that shit.

If you feel the need for prayer, feel lost, or alone…go to God. He is always there as Jesus says. And even in my ugliest, darkest, self loathing moments, I find He really is here with us in the shadows of humanity.

That’s what He wants us to understand.

And He don’t have to be called this or that.

For He IS Love. He is an essence.

God is. Source is. Creator is. From whence and whom we come.

It is this energy of love, that we all seem to be unconsciously searching for. In many, many, shapes and forms….

He is a way. And it defies all man made language, terminology, and rhetoric.

“He” is Love.

He can be experienced, if we’re aware of Him.

He’s always speaking to everyone, tribe, tongue or Nation; for to Him there is no difference:

He’s speaking.

We’re just usually not listening.

Anyway, yes!

Yes, that is a great thing we have forgotten:

This Source to turn back to, “Come to me all who…”

“Come for free and drink!”

“There is NO cost!”

He is the Tree of Life. And if we listen to ourselves when it’s needed (always, but you get it); we would be in greater shape.

Such a long lost advantage!

Meet Him there. Here!!!

And we barely teach this in most churches these days! Shhhh to listen.

Not just in words all the time.


Yet, we’ve tied Him down to our own systems. We’ve made Him “our King” and no one else is welcomed. They must meet the criterium to enter in….

We as rational men, have chosen pen and script; a plethora of other men’s experiences of God…

And denied Him to the world.

They need teachings and lessons, meetings, and objections, and in our own views at that… to access God.

Yet no one notices!!

Yes, listen to yourself.

Get to know yourself.

Find God again. Find your hearing again.

Live again!!!!!

Listen in.

Silence it.

When you need quite time. Notice it!

Healing won’t come when one stays distracted.

You can’t always be distracted, though it is a wonderful numbing agent. You can’t find freedom when outside prisons are still being lived in.

Have to exclude those, many times to enter in….

Essentially, God, our bodies, the world around speaking.

And we are all so very untuned to sensing and seeing it.

All are as mad men, and we wonder why?

We call ourselves spiritual men?!

But we are only listening to all the worldly shit.

Not even knowing what really is worldliness.

I’m gonna put a sock in it; before I go off on a random rant again 😉

But I’ll conclude with this;

It’s so repetitive:

Holy men sitting within temples again.

Waiting for the “lost” to discover their need for “them”.

And I keep finding that all the while; God is still out with the least of men.

Just as Jesus usually was.

Sinful men..

Lost in it…”sin”

He’s multiplying food and feeding them.

He was intimate with those that were just authentically living their humanness.

Yet He visited and lectured with the righteous men.. For He loved them too.

But something about them sinful men.

They had a certain realness I believe, that helped welcome Him.

They most likely really had been beat up by the world and religious systems, and they had tormented themselves as well for years on end, based on this living shame and inconclusiveness of the world at large that was in control of saying…

Who’s out, and who’s in.

That type of ideology today is the death of hearts and souls and so many many men.

Victims of being told they are sin…sinful men.

So they really felt this unworthiness…

It’s so strangely beautiful when I consider it.

He lived amongst the other.

Let it give your soul hope and find friendship in…

The Source that is.

With all of men who just keep looking and listening.

He is.

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