Tonight (Needs revision)

I find it is much easier for me to scrutinize another’s errors, flaws, and character defects; when they are ones that I have already overcome,or have under better control.

And the things that are MY own errors, flaws, and character defects; I am much easier at justifing and explaining away.

Well, ugly is common to all man. And I have found that one may be angry at someone else’s blatant bragging and call it gross; while all the while having the same attitude, yet their “bragging” is just more subtle.

The essence is what matters. The “spirit” behind it.

So, we are all leveled here…

Faced with the same temptations, desires, hungers, and pains. We struggle with the same big questions and fears. And probably all wrestle more with ourselves; more than anyone we may blame.

We are all proud and arrogant in one way or another; or we have been before. Hell mine fluctuates.

And we are all, very much self-righteous in our own eyes. Some are just more humble and gentle lol.

We are driven to be heard and seen, for all the wrong reasons.

And we are desperately looking to not be it..the one who is wrong.

The one in need of change.

But, we all are.

What is in you, is in me; or has been to some degree.

And though I may or may not have found greater freedom from this or that “sin”, flaw, whatever;

Something, somewhere in me, still needs worked out.

Purged out.

Spewed out.


And that very ugly thing in me; may be the very thing the next man I condemn for this or that, has succeeded in harnessing and taming.

We are just focused on the wrong things.

Essence people.

At the end of the day, there is a log, a speck, in each one of us.

Next time you, we, I, point or find that speck in someone; stop and search yourself, and I bet you will find it to some extent in you…past or present.

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