I Hate Myself Today

I hate myself again today.

As much as I promise myself, God, whoever; that I’ll be kinder, more loving..gentle.

I find myself being that same gossip that I condem in one bitch; and the same self-occupied, egocentric person that I resent in that friend.

I find myself still critical of people and am having a hard time letting go of shit.

At times, I am so fed up with this repetitive fuckery within me; I almost want to give in altogether in order to keep from failing all over and over and over again.

Just swim in it..the sea of ugliness.

To keep from the disappointments..I can’t help but come into them.

One thought on “I Hate Myself Today

  1. It sucks when we feel hopeless. It really does.

    Grab on to the fact that Jesus is not condemning you. That’s another voice, not his. And his is the only one you need to listen to.

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