The Future

What we need to teach our kids, is mf emotional regulation.

We need to quit hyperfocusing on physical ability and head knowledge; and give them ways to handle the pain, the ache, and the quake.

We have given them all these tools to succeed materially; and yet for another man usually. You know the cycle.

But we have failed to give them lessons for their inner man.

These mf’s is crazy; because they never were taught or told how to handle the crazy around them as kids.

We can’t solely focus on cleaning up the aftermath.

Most the kids out here could be led in a whole other direction, one for the better; if this subject or perspective was taken more seriously.

What we find, is a lot of young men especially, never taught that they are actually acting “weak”(I use this because of our ideas of what is weakness and strength in modern society)when acting out violently, or in a state of loss of control.

We have not told them, that they look more like toddlers than men of character and strength.

Strength, which ultimately is an ability to possess oneself.

We have not given them the wise men and women they need at young ages to foster what is missing in our homes or communities.

The wise father figures(statically this is extremely important); the leaders, guides; the counsel to turn to, those who can speak to the mind AND heart.

The role models and examples.

That STICK around and are committed. This too is extremely important. No in and out shit. This might just exaggerate the emotional instabilities?

We care more about academic and athletic achievement, than any matters of the soul. The real man.

The essence.

So we, in ways, are shapers of…

Our future.

Mike was right..

Children are the future.

And we have to maybe move and bend a little differently in these very imperative younger years, to see a change.

We might have to invest a little more, rethink our educational systems and ways of influencing change.

We might have to stand up and tell some mf’s..hey look…this is kid shit. This ain’t strong. Anyone can do this. Act like a child and throw fits, lose all’s called weakness!!

You find it in mf’s unable to harness their own emotions, but believe me I get it, or wouldn’t speak of it.

We might have to fucking admit, that we’ve GLORIFIED it. This weakness. This loss of self-control. We feed our culture with it and then cry when it is birthed. So we have to either do something about it, see it for what it is, or we should accept it and not complain about it.

Do you love it or do you hate it; is what I’m saying?

You just have to get people to see, to change their mind about it. To be aware of their lack of control and see it differently.

“Look at yourself!!!”, ya know?

You’re a mf child with no ability to control your temper tantrums..

This is what it is..and if we don’t get it..than fuck..idk.

And I say this raised in a single parent home on welfare, with no lights and no food at times. Living and growing up in poverty, around crime and substance abuse in and out the home.

My mom still lives next to the liquor store that keeps her more intoxicated than she needs to be (convenient) and where we’ve had our share of shell casings in the yard. This is what I know also. Or I wouldn’t have shit to say.

It is my own struggle with pain, fatherlesness, having no wise, solid figure consistently there, learning why I can be angry and act out that causes me to speak.

It is leaning about by own lack of self-possession and weakness that makes me want to say shit.

It’s knowing with each decade we all change, look back and rethink shit; and I want more mf’s to actually make it there.

To wake up to their own state..before it’s too late.

To teach kids self awareness.

How to handle the sane and insane within them.

To call this strength again.

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